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Welcome to My Personal Press Release

They Call Me Hawk

I am a free agent looking for my next opportunity to make a difference in our world! 

Rather than simply displaying a sterile resume, I offer the story of my career "my way", in storyline form. Life is a wonderful story.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to chatting with you!

A word from Mark

Hey, thanks for taking the time to check out my Personal Press Release! :-) 

Wish lisT

Real Estate Brokers/Teams - How can I help YOU?


My team won Rookie of the Year honors when I first became a licensed Realtor. I left to start an ink business. I have a desire to return to the arena and join a successful brokerage, agent, or team -- this time in a supporting role. 

Non Profit Organizations for the Common Good - How can I help YOU?


The City of Long Beach has many agencies and there are many private 501-3c's out there with solid business plans doing great things in the community. The problem is getting anybody's time to sit down and chat about potential fits where my involvement would benefit their organization. Click below for more info.

Businesses Needing an Evangelist - How can I help YOUR BUSINESS?


Do you need a senior people person that represents your product, service, or company? 

My Career at a glance


I Started in the Airline Business

I worked at United Airlines while in high school and college. I started at $6.03/hr. working part-time from 5PM-9PM after school. I was a baggage handler. This is one of my favorite jobs of all time. 

I Joined a Startup and Learned How to Sell

My Untied Airlines experience in three different cities taught me much but being furloughed in 1980 while in Chicago kicked me in the butt but opened the door to the world of sales and marketing. It also gave me my first tape of a "startup" company which would change my life.

As the 90's came around, I returned to the travel business when I took a position at another startup that was developing a way for booking travel on personal computers using dial-up modems (the web was not around yet).  I almost moved my family to Austin TX but when investors balked at moving our development to the web (they thought the Web was a fluke), I left the company to join a startup in Palo Alto. We went on to deliver the world's first travel booking app on the web. 

Taking Matters Into My Own Hands

A guy was running an auction on his web page and it caught my eye. He seemed enamored with the Ebola virus but it was the auction he ran under the name of AuctionWeb that caught my eye. I had written a business plan for selling "distressed" (excess) travel inventory (later made popular by Priceline) and I could see where his auction would compliment my plan. So I called him.... 

SmartShip, ShopNow, and Bonanza...

My stock was high (pardon the pun) after ETA and several companies came calling. Virtran, The Internet Mall, and MobileGates kept me busy. I changed the names of two of those companies. 

...and Then the Party Came to an End

We closed the door and Bonanza and 9/11 happened shortly thereafter. My career took a big turn and, of course, the world became a different place.  

After 9/11

A Stop at Trader Joes

September 11, 2001 changed everything and it was time to pivot in my career so I went to work at TJ's and got to know my neighbors again. I intended on staying for a few months but liked it so much, I stayed for a couple years until I was ready to make my jump to becoming a Realtor. 

Your Friendly Residential Realtor

I obtained my real estate license and went to work at RE/MAX College Park in Long Beach with a specialty in first time homebuyers. Coming from the dot com world I knew how to market online and soon had so many leads and resulting escrows, I took on a partner. We won the "Rookie of the Year" award  in 2004. 

InkPeace -- Long Beach's First Awarded Green Business

While in real estate, an old back injury got worse and I needed surgery. While rehabbing, I wrote a business plan for an environmentally friendly printer ink and toner company called InkPeace. I was awarded contracts with both the City of Long Beach and the 100+ school Long Beach Unified School District. Over the length of the contract, InkPeace saved the school district hundreds of thousands of dollars while school clubs raised funds by recycling the empties for reuse. 


Soon after  the school district contract expired, I lost my lease and decided InkPeace had run its course. I returned to working at home on project that would return me to real estate but this time it was in a role that would challenge the way real estate agents are paid. 

Other Stuff I've Been Up To

The Last $100

My life changed considerably starting in 2017 when my girlfriend started having problems with an investment pool she managed as part of her CPA practice. I dropped the projects I was working on and put all my energies into her legal problems. 

A friend advised me to keep a journal to keep me organized.  

Four volumes had been written before I ended he journal.

"The Last $100" will be available in some form after legal review but, for now, my story stays with me. 

Socially Speaking...

  • Every decade, I lead a committee in organizing our high school class reunion. 

and I take my roots even more seriously,

In Long Beach, now that I am a free agent again, I need to build a social calendar again!

Although I own a Nikon 35mm camera, it is my iPhone that has served as my tool of choice to snap pix on the fly. My next hobby project will be focused on the eclectic buildings in my neighborhood. 


The Last $100 - Living a Nightmare - Unedited - eAccess

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